The CargoLifter AG (now in insolvency)

CargoLifter - the dream of a big and imposing airship? Not in fact!

The very name - CargoLifter - indicates, that this is not a direct descendant of the big Zeppelins. The CargoLifter blimp was meat as a freight carrier for haevy payloads (up to 160 tons) in combination with bulky supersizes.

The transportation of such weighty cargo is not normally a matter wich attracts much attention, except in traffic reports of tailbacks caused by unwieldy flat-bed trailers wich have blocked entiry motorways. Common, the planning and transaction of such transports costs millions of dollars. The average speed is not more than 8 kilometres per hour.

Thankfully, now and again, somebody´s imagination will be fired by the absurdity of this procedure, and finds the answer in the air.

The heavens have no barriers - and so, Dr. Carl von Gablenz cast his mind back to the airship technology. The static buoyancy is the big advantage in comparison to helicopters (payload up to 20 tons, limited flight time) and planes (impossible to hover).


The idea of the CargoLifter (German)

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