Testing software of the Balloon Crane System

In Berlin, tests and simulations are taking place using a balloon with a diameter of 4 metres. Focus is on the specific software responsible for controlling the interaction of joystick and winches for steering. This model has proven to exactly represent the experiences gained with the large balloons in Vogtland, henceforth allowing to exercise every necessary step in detail ahead of its actual implementation.

Almost fullfilled
Peter Berens Hall
Peter Berens Hall
Richard Martin
Hit the bottles
Test of control system


Maybe a little more?

Of course we are also testing with larger/heavier loads, like tanks of water with adaptable weight and even attractive test models, in the pictures Trabant and Land Rover.

Let´s start
Trabant in front of the Göltzschtalbrücke
1,600 pound Trabant
Landrover Defender
2.8 Tons


Small loads - precisely controlled

These pictures illustrate how stable the load can be guided with a balloon crane. During the demonstration wind speed went up to more than 14 m/s. The system remained absolutely rugged and was able to position the load exact and easy.

Ballonkran startklar
Der Sockel wird bereitgestellt
Montage der Spitze auf dem Kugelteil
Trotz leichten Windes: die Spitze sitzt!
vormontierte Kugelteil wird aufgenommen ...
... und auf den Sockel gesetzt
Windböe ändert nichts
Fertig! Der Turm steht.


A lot of hands... Assembling the Aero30NG

With the support of many volunteers the larger balloon, type Aerophile Aero30NG, was assembled. To all of you, thank you very much! With this balloon, testing will be continued. Over the summer, it will be possible to use it as a highrise and enjoy the panorama view at the Göltzschtal. Check out the website of GTG about ascents.

Template for identification
Identification label
Dive in
All prepared

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